Okay so this has been a long time coming. But we would like to tell you all that… we now have remote control LED lights that you can light up your roll! Yes I said that right LED’s with a remote.

Do you love LED light people that are putting on there desk in the car on their motorcycles and more? But are you not the best at electrical work? The thought of you soldering lights together gives you cold feet of a vision of you bursting into flames from crossed wires?But Mr. SkateSwagger what would I use these lights for?

Good Question!

Do you ride your bike at night, and sick of people almost hitting you? Do you skateboard with your friends at the skate park, but you are sick of people not being able to see your sweet moves? Long board in the city; down a sweet hill at night but you have to power slide to miss a car that did not see you flying down the hill, because they were to busy using their peripheral vision to drive while they are using there phone! (sorry about that one..)  Do you want to stand out when you skate? Well these are the perfect gift for you! You can change the colors of your lights with a “flick of the wrist” lol… ooor just with a click of a button. Check out this sweet gif! Oh yeah Those ARE COOL! 😉 SkateSwagger_LED_lights

Very easy to install, with adhesive backing you just peel stick and turn them on! Oh and did I mention that you get a pair of rechargeable 9Volt batteries and a charger? No…? Sorry YES!!! Batteries and a charger! What else could you ask for? Don’t take my word for it. Try them out for yourself! Click here to start lighting up your night.