SkateLights (Remote LED Kit 1, Multi-Colored)

SkateLights (Remote LED Kit 1, Multi-Colored)


Full-spectrum (RGB+White), wireless remote controlled LED flexible strip light.This ultra easy-to-install 2 flexible light strips, with pull and stick adhesive backing.

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All in one kit. 2x non-waterproof RGB LED strips with IR sensor, 2x controller chip with 9volt connector, 1x 44-key remote controller, 4x cleaning pads for proper application and 2x velcro strips for batteries.
Easy installation. Stick it, plug it and play without wiring.
Remote Control. Mini RGB Remote Controller 10Keys
Well-distributed lighting. LED components are uniformly lined up. No flickering and deadlights in the strip even after long service life. All the LEDs spread very smoothly from one color to the next.
(note: when the white light has a yellow tint then the batteries are getting low).
Cuttable and linkable. Easy to cut and link. It can be cut every 3 LEDs along with the cutting marks, without damaging the rest of the strips. Extra LEDs can be bought and linked together without soldering.
Flexible operations. Slim, compact and flexible PCB strip. Mount end-to-end for bendable or angled patterns, or in continuous rows.
Application: Widely used for roller skates, skateboards, scooter, bicycle, motorcycles, automobile, decorative lights for holiday, cosplay and Halloween costumes, events and even show exhibitions.


Package Includes:
2x Non-waterproof RGB LED strips with IR sensor
2x Controller chip
2x 9volt connector
1x Mini RGB Remote Controller 10Keys
4x Cleaning pads for proper application
2x Velcro strips for batteries




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